Monday, October 14, 2013

Odin finds a Nest.

In the late summer, I noticed that I was missing one of the guineas.
I was down to four. It made me a bit sad but that is the way it goes sometimes.
I was watching out the window one morning
and noticed that Odin was very interested in a spot in the field.
As you know they sometimes run a chicken and catch it. So I thought I was off to save a chicken. 
 Odin had found a guinea nest of about a dozen eggs.
And the lost guinea had been nesting the eggs!
I gathered the eggs, as there was no way that Odin was going to leave them alone.
And I put them in the incubator.
I had no idea how long she had been setting them.
But I figured they would hatch when ready.
 And this morning they were ready.
 Right now I am at one counting, more are pecking out.  
The little one looks like she may be a "pearl", one with a white breast.
Guineas have begun to hatch!!!


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